Top 3 Tips on Styling Your Coffee Table Tray!

Top 3 Tips on Styling Your Coffee Table Tray!

Using our minimalist coffee table tray can add texture, character, and charm to your coffee table. Changing up items in your tray seasonally can help you freshen up your space without needing a decor overhaul to stay current and on trend!

Here are our best tips on how to style your coffee table tray!

  1. Play with height and texture! Start with one piece, maybe a texture or a trendy vase, something that adds height and interest to your coffee table. Our favourite trend we're seeing is dried florals - a tiny bouquet of your fav florals in a cute vase is the perfect focal point!
  2. Follow the design rule of 3s. With your tall focal point being your number 1, follow that up with 2 more objects of different heights. This could be coasters stacked on top of each other, a small souvenir you picked up on your last vacation, or a little ceramic elephant you got sucked into buying at HomeSense (how could you not, they're just so cute!). 
  3. We want your coffee table tray to feel casual, like it was just thrown together with objects that are meant to be there. Loosen up, and throw some objects that you already have into your tray and find what you think works in your space! This is a fun process that doesn't have to cost you a dime. 

Coffee table trays are such a fun accessory to really accentuate your living space! This can be a really great way to challenge your creativity, so have fun and keep trying new things! 

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